Rosemary Velour Dress

Hello Darklings, and welcome to the very first post on this blog! Too much excitement going on!

If there ever had to exist a fabric synonymous of elegance and class, it would definitely have to be Velvet. And what better way to affirm our Dark style in the office than wearing a gorgeous & chic velour dress?

I have stumbled upon Disturbia’s Rosemary Velour Dress a few months ago, and it immediately drew my attention to its eccentric elegance, especially within its creative ‘Alien’ buttons (close-up down below). I then thought to myself: “now there’s a dress with a strong dark character”. Unfortunately, it was sold out. I wanted it so bad that I requested a restock. The customer service told me that it won’t be part of the following collection, and they are not planning on restocking it. I was so disappointed that I ended up looking for the dress on every other retail website, or for a similar one. Without success, though. I only knew one thing: this amazing fabric, the white collar and the sublime alien buttons filled with character are meant for me, for my quite affirmed gothic personality. And then, just when I had already given up, it was up and selling on the website again! I ordered it right away, and decided to share my victory with you as my first post on this blog adventure!

Hope it is to your liking!

Dark Kisses~

Pictures by Vincent. All the editing is done by me.








In this look:

Rosemary Velour Dress ~ Disturbia

Hat ~ Asos

Bag ~ Heyraud

Ankle platform boots, creeper style ~ Karl Lagerfeld

Tights ~ Bonnie Boon

Sunglasses ~ Karen Walker

Theodora Signature


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