Rock Princess by Vera Wang: Review



Being a strictly musky scents kinda girl, Rock Princess by Vera Wang was definitely a pleasant & original surprise. I am generally quite demanding when it comes to perfumes, nothing sweet or floral pleases me unless it screams ‘sophistication’. That’s why I generally prefer musky perfumes.

Rock Princess has the gigantic advantage of combining two of my favourite things: the colour purple & a musky scent. How? It’s all in the title of the perfume, which is completely justified. The Princess part is illustrated by the sweet violets fragrance, which gives it a classy girly side. The girly princess part definitely becomes badass (hence rock), when we add to it a strong musky smell rendering the whole product worthy of admiration. This is the perfect fragrance for an elegant Queen of Darkness. Perfect for day & night, it adds this strong classy vibe to it that is hard to miss.

Rock Princess has definitely become part of my favourite perfumes collection. For more reviews by this blog’s perfume addict, subscribe to my eccentric blog!

Dark Kisses ~

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