Determined to Dominate










Varsity_Jacket_Post_10_convertedIt’s amazing how any type of outfit can be rendered Dark/Goth with the right combination! This black denim jumpsuit & Nike black varsity jacket are among my favourite things to wear at the moment. It’s really the colour Black that does the whole trick. By putting together these simple clothing items, we got ourselves a casual but still darkly elegant outfit! Perfect for a casual Friday at the office! Who said that sporty clothes cannot be dark?

I also particularly love the empowering statement on the Varsity jacket’s sleeve. The job hunt has not been easy lately, & such little affirmations, especially on a piece of clothing, can help with the motivation refuel.

Dark Kisses ~

In this look: Black Nike Varsity Jacket, Ikks Top, Topshop black denim jumpsuit, Nike roshe runs, Lattemiele genuine black leather backpack, Prada sunglasses.

Pictures by Vincent. All the editing is done by me.

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