Witchy Style Crush: Jag Lever





Hello, Darklings!

I’m so excited to include my first style crush on my baby blog! As most of you know by now, I’m in love with dark/alternative/gothic/witchy fashion centred around elegance, as it corresponds the best to my dark personality. Before starting this blog, I used to be (and still am as everyone is the fan of everyone at some point) part of those fashion lovers/spectators of alternative fashion blogs. Jag Lever has been one of the first blogs I started following three years ago and still is my ultimate favourite. Rachel-Marie has such a unique and attractive way of combining witchy and vintage elements in her outfits, that I could not but become enchanted by her posts. It made me so happy to see that the alternative & dark dress code is becoming more and more popular, that it contributed bit by bit to my decision to finally get out of the dark and share with you all my love and passion for eccentric elegance!

Thank you, Rachel, for inspiring me to start this exciting adventure!

Dark Kisses ~

Jag Lever blog: http://www.jaglever.com/

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