Brexit: it actually happened 

Hello Darklings,

This is the first legal/political post on this blog due to the extraordinary events of this week. As mentioned in the Bio of this blog, my main passion, other than gothic culture and fashion, is my legal profession. Thus, these few lines are dedicated to the ‘Juris’ side of this blog.

June 23rd, 2016. This is the saddest day of our European History. All that we have been building since the end of WWII is falling apart. I would have never expected to see this day coming. It clearly shows that there isn’t and never will be unity amongst European people. Our European forefathers, our great leaders and founders, men with vision who foresaw and dreamt of ONE European State, who dreamt of unity are rolling in their graves at this very moment.

The solution for illegal immigration and terrorist threats won’t come by dividing Europe, it is unity that makes us stronger. All that we have built integration-wise so far, for what? So that European nations take a step back and start setting example to one another to leave the EU one by one? Which is already happening with the Dutch calling for a referendum as well!

I cannot express enough my grief and sadness about this news. I’ve always loved the UK, my favourite European country, the reason I love English language so much that I made it my native language. But this… Britain has never understood throughout its membership in the EU that you cannot only ask for things, you should also give. I can’t believe that I’ll have to issue a visa in order to be able to go to my favourite country, I simply can’t! Until the last moment, I believed that this nation was stronger than the Tories brainwash, but it clearly isn’t.

Ignorance is always the easiest to manipulate, and with the British frantically googling what the EU is, only a few hours after the leave vote, shows how irrational, hasty and economically deadly such a decision is. It’s like a 5 year old reacting to what he/she is being told without questioning it. Learn to question more your leaders and hold them to account, dear people of Britain. The price for irrational actions is way too high.

I’ve always loved MY Europe and always will. When I decided to study EU law, it was to help build the federation and not go back to the Middle Ages and feudalism. I still believe in that, and I still believe this is a very bad joke. Wake up Europe, wake up. I love you.

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2 thoughts on “Brexit: it actually happened ”

  1. Nice post.

    Fear not. I believe the response from the young and graduate communities will galvanise into a strong movement that will hold the ‘new government’ to account. I will be doing it. Non-party political activism is just around the corner. A new political class can emerge mobilised, Europe-facing, articulate, passionate, environmental, compassionate and coming from every walk of life.

    There is a lot to look forward to in making huge political change for a fairer society and ultimately pressure to work more closely with Europe than ever before.

    I hope.


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