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Bvlgari: Mon Jasmin Noir – l’Elixir (review)


Hello Darklings!

It’s been a while since my last perfume review! As you know, I’m a perfume-addict, so every once and a while I have to sneak into the blog, a fragrance I’m currently obsessed about. This time it’s the: Bvlgari – Mon Jasmin Noir, L’Elixir, that has taken my breath away.

If you are looking for the perfect sophisticated and refined gift for this Holiday season, trust me, you won’t regret investing into this gem. Now, I’m sure you are all well acquainted with the classic “Bvlgari – Jasmin Noir” perfume, which has the most perfect musky/jasmine/woody notes. Well, imagine this captivating and mysterious fragrance being refreshed and rendered even more refined and sensual with a touch of Lily and musky Nougatine. If you were already a fan of “Jasmin Noir”, you would fall over the hills for this enchantress of the night! It is a truly addictive scent, and it will definitely go into my ‘timeless signature perfumes’ collection.

Bvlgari has always been the definition of refinement and sophisticated taste. Their perfumes are a must-have.

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